Change management in banking and financial services

The client
Our client on this assignment was a quoted regional commercial bank with over sixteen million customer accounts.
The bank maintains a robust, state-of-the-art Information, Communication Technology (ICT) system on which the broad range of mainstream corporate and retail banking services the bank offers runs, in addition to various other services including a vast network of VISA-branded automatic teller machines (ATMS), point of sale (POS) systems, internet banking, mobile banking and more recently, agency banking too.
This client was undertaking a banking system change, which it acknowledged would take the bank through a much bigger process of change.  The continuous improvement of IT services in particular led to the establishment of an ICT Projects Team whose role is to roll out various ICT initiatives, most of which entail a considerable amount of change.
Client requirements
The role of the IT Projects Team is to midwife implementation of the bank’s ICT projects, which they do through engagement with branch managers, other operations management, as well as with system end users across the bank.
The bank needed to develop leadership and change management capabilities in this ICT Projects Team to enhance their change management capabilities, which they needed to successfully engage with the business at various levels in the course of their work.
Our approach
We designed, developed and conducted two programmes around leadership and change management for the ICT projects team focusing on facilitative leadership and change management skills including communication, negotiation, planning for change, communicating change, managing transition, team development and handling corporate systems inertia among other areas.
Significant outcomes
The ICT Projects Team is a uniquely successful team at the bank, and is largely responsible for the frequently seamless integration of ICT projects across the bank.
The team is made up of a mix relatively young employees of the bank’s drawn from core and non-core banking operations, and given their position in the bank, this training has made a major contribution to the overall results that the ICT function of the bank’s has been able to achieve.

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