Change management in corporate transformation

The client
Our client on this assignment was one of the world’s leading advisory firms in the UK, with client contracts in strategy, finance, organizational development and various other areas across the world.
This (UK) client was contracted by a top FTSE-100 bank with an extensive global network of over 1,200 branches, in 56 countries across the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the United Kingdom and the Americas on a five-year global restructuring and organizational development initiative that was part of the bank's global realignment programme..
Client requirements
This global assignment required our client to undertake parallel initiatives in its client bank’s 56 countries, within the stringent timelines linked to stiff business performance targets.  To achieve this, our (UK) client engaged a network of partner consulting firms from across the world to support the restructuring and global realignment programme.
We were engaged by the UK advisory firm to manage the process in East Africa.
The client required us to take secondary responsibility for attainment of the global assignment’s objectives in East and Central Africa, through direct engagement with the client bank in the region, reporting directly to the Global Project Manager on the assignment in London.
Our approach
Following intensive training of our consultants in London, we engaged the client bank and managed the Business Leadership component of the assignment in East Africa, over a period of three years.
Our work entailed the management of Business Leadership development programmes in line with the global realignment strategy to develop and obtain a crop of high-performing business leaders within the client bank that would take responsibility for the bank’s new strategic direction.
We coordinated strategy, leadership, and business development programmes within the client bank for the duration of the assignment across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Rwanda maintaining our reporting relationship with the client in the UK through regular reporting and review.
Part of this process entailed our review of business realignment assignments given to the client bank’s managers on the programme, and submitting regular, consolidated status reports to the Project Manager in the UK.
Significant outcomes
The client successfully completed the assignment, with the client bank handing over responsibility for implementation of the new strategic direction to the management team we were responsible for in the region.
The client bank went ahead to implement the envisaged changes, which saw the bank reposition in the region, as it did globally, soon after which the bank's net assets, net profit, and return on capital spiked as the bank settled it its new, high net-worth market segment. 

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