Coaching and personal development for succession

The client
Our client on this assignment was a global security printing company listed on the London Stock Exchange and employing over 4.000 people worldwide.  The client employs a mix of local and foreign labour in its operations across the world, though with a commitment to the development of local labour especially at senior management level.
To better support the growth that the local business had made over the time, the client was intent on appointing two local nationals to the positions of Head of Operations, and Head of Business Development.  Though the two managers earmarked for these positions had a wealth of experience in the business, their leadership and management capabilities were not felt to match their otherwise far advanced technical competencies. 
Client requirements
The client needed to put these two managers through a leadership development programme that would groom them to take up these two leadership positions in the business before the contract periods of the incumbent expatriate managers expired.
Our approach
We designed, developed and executed personal development coaching programmes for these two managers.
The programmes ran for a period of twelve months, and was structured around a series of work-based personal development activities designed to improve performance in the following areas:
i.    Leadership
ii.   Finance
iii.  Team development
iv.  Performance management
v.   Operational risk management
Significant outcomes
The client went ahead to appoint these managers to their earmarked positions, replacing the expatriate managers, who moved on to other areas in the business.
As part of the programme’s design, we conducted comprehensive evaluation of the personal development programmes six months into the appointment of the new  managers, and they rated the both relevance and contribution of the programmes to their performance “very high”.

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