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The client
Our client on this assignment was a leading international heavy construction engineering equipment distributor, with country offices across the world.  The client maintains highly-qualified technical engineers, who provide end-to-end sales, service and application solutions to a wide range of customers with varied requirements.
As part of a wider corporate development strategy, the client's global head office partnered with a university in the UK with whom they ran management education programmes certified by the university.  The programmes were managed by the client's Global Head of Learning and Development from the UK.  Learning activities included on-line interaction, as well as a considerable amount of travelling to those counties in which the client was present to give the client's managers global exposure in their areas of work as well as for general purposed of persona l development.
The programmes were designed to include local support of the client by a local, competent and adequately experienced learning and development firm.  We were engaged by the client's Global Head Office in the UK to provide learning support to the client in East Africa.
Client requirements
We received learning material from the university in the UK, which the client's managers enrolled on the programme across the world were using on the programme.  Our role on the programme was to develop customized instruction materials to support the managers on the programme.
In addition, the client also required us to run training workshops specifically in finance and project management for a wider population than the senior managers on the UK programme, since these two were especially critical areas in the client's operations.
Our approach
We developed local adaptations of the learning materials, and based on these, then went on to design, develop and conduct management training workshops in the various areas the programme covered, which included finance, project management, operations management, risk management, strategy, high-value selling, business leadership and market management.
In addition, we provided local support for managers on the programme in East Africa who were regularly required to submit written assignments to the UK university in part fulfillment of the programme’s certification requirements.
Significant outcomes
This local support model proved highly effective for the client. Managers on the programme have successively gone on to graduate on the programme, with a growing number enrolling each year.  The client's middle-management capabilities are extremely strong, with non-management employees in the business playing holding superior roles and responsibilities than average.  The business also has a robust succession management plan supported by this management education programme, and has considerably raised employee performance all round. 

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