Developing a framework for employee retention in specialist areas

The client
Our client on this assignment is a specialist development agency that works to build and strengthen financial markets across Sub-Saharan Africa.  The client provides a combination of grants, investment capital, market insights and technical assistance to governments, business leaders, regulators and policy makers in the development of transparent, stable and accessible financial systems.
The client had recently completely a global restructuring, with realigned its programme areas, adopting a new focus on evidence-based programming, green finance.  This called for refocusing of staff competencies to align them to the organisation's new requirements.
With the client working in multiple countries in Africa, there was also need to harmonise capabilities across the locations in which it worked to create a "community of practice" that the organisation could depend on to roll out its new strategy. 
Client requirements
The client was looking to contract a suitable advisory form to do the following:
1. Review their HR and talent management strategy to improve, strengthen and optimally align it with the organisation's FSD-A’s overall strategic plan
2.    Develop detailed frameworks and related tools for the implementation of the organisation's HR and talent management strategy
3.    Develop communication, training and socialisation tools for effective integration of the HR and talent management strategy across FSD-A
Support the organisation's EXCO and the HR and talent management team in implementation and review of the HR and talent management strategy.
Our approach
We worked in close consultation with the client's HR and Talent Management Team to obtain strategic realignments in the following areas.
i.     Career planning
ii.     Succession management
iii.    Mentorship
iv.   Coaching
v.    Learning and development
vii.   Change management
vii.   Performance management
viii.  Recruitment, selection and onboarding
ix.     Manpower planning

Significant outcomes
This client has obtained detailed implementation frameworks for the strategic realignment of the above areas, which they have used to develop various policies and policy frameworks, to shape performance management, reward, compensation and benefits criteria, and to ensure that the HR and Talent Management function satisfactorily plays its role in the organisation.

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