Developing a talent management framework

The client
Our client on this assignment was a leading food processing company producing a range of household and animal feeds.  The business has several operating companies, each focusing on a different line of the company's products.  These operating companies are centrally managed by a Group Company, with centralised reporting through the management company.
The client had for some time been struggling with performance management, which the business felt was not adequately aligned to the business' performance requirements.  Perhaps because of this, staff retention was also below what the business thought acceptable.  With retention low, the business was also recruiting new hires a lot more frequently that it was felt was ideal for business continuity. 
Client requirements
A new HR Director had recently been hired and the first strategic undertaking she focused on was the development of a comprehensive talent management framework that the business would use to manage employees, right from the  evaluate applicants for interview to the planning of succession.  Specifically, the client was looking to develop a competency model for the business that would be used to direct the following:
i.  Recruitment and selection
ii. Performance management
iii. Learning and development
iv. Succession planning
Our approach
We structured the assignment around the following to obtain a comprehensive competency framework for the business:
1.  determination of the most suitable competency modelling framework
2.  population of the competency modelling framework with relevantly tailored competency descriptions
3.  negotiation of buy-in within the business to validate the emergent competency model
4.  determination of appropriate interventions for the development of specific competencies within the competency model
5.  detailed planning of the interventions above in order to obtain ready measures for the bridging of emerging competency gaps
6.  conduct of competency assessment based on the emergent competency model
7.  development of personal development plans (PDPs) for the company's employees based on the emerging competency gaps
Significant outcomes
Upon conclusion of the assignment, this client immediately rolled out the company's competency model, starting with the Commercial Division, which has since led t the strategic realignment of several other areas of the business beyond HR.  Of special mention is the fact that out of the outputs from this assignment, this client went on to develop its own, bespoke, performance management process that they are still using close to ten years later.

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