Management skills development for global  consistency

The client
Our client on this assignment is an international non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees as part of a strategic partnership of 64 members that support 15 international research centers and works in collaboration with hundreds of government, private sector, and civil society organizations around the world.
The client manages its research and development work through a network of research stations across Africa, responsible for local research within their respective regions of coverage.  Each station is headed by a Research Scientist, while a Station Administrator is responsible for all non-research operations and administrative functions.
In pursuit of international consistency in management practice across its stations across Africa, the client regularly convenes reporting and performance review conferences within the countries in which it is present to track performance against set targets and to promote shared learning.
A significant portion of these conferences is spent on learning and development, through which the client imparts technical skills in various areas of unique interest to the organisation.  The client also uses this forum to develop leadership and management skills necessary for efficient conduct of Station Administrator roles back at the research stations.
Client requirements
This client was interested in creating a partnership with a competent and adequately experienced management training firm and corporate education firm, who it was important should also have had international exposure and the capacity to work in different countries across Africa.
This firm would be responsible for developing tailored management training programmes for the client's Station Administrators covering a broad spectrum of performance requirements.
Our approach
In close consultation with the client, we designed, developed and delivered three management training programmes for the client, each aimed at developing competencies for the Station Administrator role.  The programme is graduated from "elementary" to "advanced", matched to our Enamel, Gold and Platinum programme design.  It runs annually, and serves as an introductory training and performance management programme for newly recruited Station Administrators, and as a regular refresher for those that have already attended all the three modules.
Significant outcomes
This client has retained our services on this project with the Station Managers consistently rating our working with them on various programmes very highly.
Operational efficiency continues to improve within the stations, as does the Station Managers’ confidence and overall competencies necessary for execution of their roles.

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