Management training for greater responsibility

The client
Our client on this assignment was multinational integrated security and logistics company with operations in over 125 countries and employing over 660,000 employees worldwide.
CLIENT’s expansion strategy was anticipated to create four key country positions, which the company felt were best filled by persons from within, given the vast experience that these positions demanded in many sensitive areas.
Client requirements
Having identified a selection of likely candidates, CLIENT needed them to undertake focused skills and capacity development in several important areas including leadership, finance, people management and organization.
Our approach
We worked with CLIENT to develop a bespoke development programme for these senior managers, which entailed personalized training in the identified areas, with particular emphasis on application of acquired knowledge and skills to practical operations within the company.
Key areas covered on this programme included the following:
i.    Leadership
ii.   Team development
iii.  Financial management
iv.  Budgeting
v.   Communication
vi.  Project management
Significant outcomes
CLIENT promoted the managers they put through the development programme to senior country positions in new market territories, which markets have quickly picked up and extended CLIENT’s market share.
These managers have also demonstrated high skills transfer capabilities in their new territories, which has significantly enhanced operational integrity in their markets.

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