Optimising performance management in a non-profit environment

The client
Our client on this assignment was an international development organization working with marginalised communities across the world in pursuit of social justice, and to build local institutional capacity for public policy influencing.
Over the years, the client evolved from a grassroots community mobilisation organisation to a global development partner promoting and defending social economic, social, cultural, civil and political human rights within the poor and marginalised communities.
The client's progressive growth in Africa over the years saw it elevated to “Affiliate” status within its global network of local organisaions, in which role it would be a regional hub in the management of other, smaller, local organisations within the network.  This, in addition to giving the the client greater operational autonomy, accelerated its need to deliver results on planned objectives, particularly with respect to funding and specific programme performance within the local organisations that would now be reporting to it.
Client requirements
Given this development, the client needed to develop custom solutions to support local operations, which included the need to develop a performance management process that would adequately support its operations across different projects and work roles.  This is what the client engaged us to do.
Our approach
We worked in close consultation with the client's Country Director and Head of Organisational Development to obtain an agreeable performance management framework, from which we then developed performance management tools for over twenty-five roles across different programmes in the respective regions that the client would hence be responsible for.
We thereafter conducted the necessary training for the client's employees and provided advisory support in implementation of the performance management model at functional and role performance levels - right through from programme performance planning, monitoring and evaluation. 
Significant outcomes
This assignment was initially developed to address performance requirements in the client's local operation in Kenya; its success has however, led to its adoption for use by the global development agency's programmes across the world.

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