Presentation skills for corporate decision makers

The client
Our client on this assignment was a leading global mobile telecommunications providing mobile, internet and related connectivity solutions to over a third of the population of Africa.
One of the client's strongest areas was in delivering high-quality and affordable corporate mobile and internet solutions for business.  Appropriate packaging and presentation of these solutions for corporate customers was a critical component of the selling process, through which the client had been able to win high-value business.
This is why the client sought to equip its Corporate Sales Executives with specialised Selling and Account Management skills carefully tailored to enhance their confidence and overall ability to engage corporate decision makers.
Client requirements
According to the client, the most important element of this exercise was the need to develop competencies for one-to-one sales engagement with senior corporate executives and presentation skills for small groups of management influencers.  Part of the skills development programme was also dedicated to product training, as well as the related technical and commercial considerations linked to different client solutions.
Our approach
In close consultation with the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Head of Corporate Sales, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and the Chief HR Officer (CHRO) we designed, developed and rolled out a Corporate Sales Development programme focused on the following areas:
i.   Corporate presentation skills for key decision makers
ii.  Structuring of logical, audience-friendly, high-impact presentations;
iii. Integration of demos and other presentation aids in the corporate presentation;
iv. Tailoring corporate presentations to meet different audience requirements
v.   Integration of commercial considerations in corporate decision
Through the skills development programme, video recordings of presentations made were made at the beginning of, half way through, and at the end of the programme to track skills progress and to provide personal learning feedback to the respective participants.
Another vital inclusion on the programme was the use Ms PowerPoint a presentation tool.  This seemingly standard PC skill turned out to be the one of the most critical elements on the programme, since, as it emerged, it was one thing to know how to manipulate the capabilities in Ms PowerPoint, and quite another to optimally use the application to deliver client-focused “high-impact presentations”. 
Significant outcomes
This programme was a turning point for the client.  Sales conversion rate increased from below 30% to over 65%, with some of the Corporate Sales Executives achieving  75 to 85% sales conversion rates in under twelve months. 

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