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The client
Our client on this assignment was a leading hotel group with international hotel operations spanning over twenty-four niche-market properties.  The Group has recorded steady growth for over forty years, spurred by its consistency of brand standards, which are the means by which it has been able to maintain unique high product and service standards across all its properties.
As the client continued to grow, management of staff performance and the integration of the same with the company’s overall strategy became a correspondingly growing management concern.
With the company’s success hinging on stringently enforced service delivery and operating standards, the need to develop consistent staff training and development programmes across the company, as well as consistent and effective performance review systems became imperative.
Client requirements
The client needed a competent, experienced and adequately committed partner to work with them on development of a company-wide performance management system, which needed to link with the company’s strongly established operating standards, and appropriately tailored to suit the different organizational sub-cultures across the countries that the client maintained operations. 
Our approach
We worked with the client on a sustained programme over several years focused on the following:
1.  Development of a corporate performance strategy with the company’s senior management, and with the respective unit managers across the all of the client's properties
2.  Determination and agreement on the client's key result areas, and corresponding performance indicators - across markets, properties and functions
3.  Translation of the client's long-term strategy into functional performance requirements
4.  Development of a comprehensive performance management process linked to performance expectations at functional and corporate levels
Significant outcomes
Being a company-wide initiative within a company with far-flung and fairly independent operations constituted a major challenge on this assignment and made implementation a complex undertaking.
The client's management was, nonetheless, resolutely determined to see it through and their consistent support of the process obtained a robust corporate performance management process that all employees understand, and most importantly, played a leading role in developing and implementing.
Several years on, the client continues to reap well deserved benefits from their investment on this assignment.

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