Supervisory skills development

The client
Our client on this assignment was one of the largest commercial horticulture farming companies in the world, with 220 hectares of roses, carnations and fillers, and employing over ten thousand people.  This client has an annual production of over 380 million stems, which include a 50 hectare geothermal rose project, and one of the largest spray carnation farms in the world.
The huge number of employees that this client has to manage creates several levels of supervision from the General Worker at the farm through Farm Managers to Commercial Managers and other management staff in administrative functions.
The speed, accuracy and timeliness of the many decisions that are made on the client's farms can have a huge effect on product quality, especially, which directly impacts the company’s profitability.
Client requirements
This client wanted to enhance management and supervisory skills in the company, overall.  They were was looking for a competent and experience management training provider that would be able to customize management and supervisory skills training for the company, and tailor it for varied audiences distinguished by their levels of education, training, and work experience.
Our approach
We designed, developed and conducted management and supervisory skills training for the client's management and supervisory staff based on a pre-set profile of competencies for different staff categories.
The training was conducted in small homogenous groups, which allowed different programmes to run at different paces as was required for optimum results for each group.
Middle management programmes were designed to be modular and structured around, periodic work-based learning activities.
Significant outcomes
The client was able to impart important management and supervisory skills to supervisors and management staff, whose performance is critical in the company’s operations, and remains one of the leading floriculture companies in the world, and is enviably known for its quality, consistency and reliability, all of which are critical differentiators in horticulture.

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