Plugging the troughs of cyclic business patterns

The client
Our client on this assignment was FMCG multinational manufacturer.  In addition to a strong branding culture, the company has an elaborate people management strategy based on a set of global competencies for various roles and functions across the business.
As part of its regular brand development initiatives the client undertook a global review of its corporate, functional and role competencies, which was the basis of elaborate restructuring and modernization of its operations worldwide.
A key element in this process was the recruitment of graduate management trainees, and the establishment of graduate development programmes in its various operating companies across the world. 
Client requirements
The client required professional advisory on the design, development and roll-out of an integrated graduate development programme from a competent and experienced partner with whom they would work together to realize the global repositioning strategy.
Our approach
CLIENT submitted to us the set of corporate functional and role performance competencies, from which we developed a modular graduate development programme around eight core development areas, three of which were technical areas relating to CLIENT’s core business.
The programme ran over two years, and was designed around quarterly training workshops, in between which the graduate trainees were required to undertake tailored work-based assignments relating to the competencies in focus at a particular time.
In addition, the graduate trainees were required to submit written reports on the work-based assignments they undertook, which were signed off by the manager(s) they were working under at a particular time, and thereafter submitted for evaluation.
Significant outcomes
This programme was a profound success.  It was the first such programme that CLIENT was running and CLIENT immediately adopted it in its other regional operating companies.
Graduate trainees from this programme since gone on to take up leadership positions at the client's operating companies in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  In addition to the client maintaining a competent and well trained cohort of staff at management level, the programme further contributed to distinguishing the client as a Tier 1 employer of high-performing graduate entrants into the job market

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Plugging the troughs of cyclic business patterns